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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who believes the Abbey exhibits poor taste?
(a) No one.
(b) The Duke of Yorkton.
(c) The Abbey curator.
(d) Most of the Last family members.

2. Why does Brenda send Jenny Abdul Akbar ahead to Hetton?
(a) So maybe Tony will feel attracted to her.
(b) Because she can get away from London sooner that the others.
(c) All three women come to the estate together.
(d) Brenda is hoping to catch Tony in a compromising position.

3. Why does Mrs. Beaver no longer have a luxurious lifestyle?
(a) She has an affair and her husband divorces her.
(b) She decides to give it up to help the poor.
(c) Her husband dies.
(d) She is too much of a spendthrift.

4. Where is John planning to spend the weekend?
(a) At the shore.
(b) At the home of Tony and Brenda Last.
(c) Hunting.
(d) In London.

5. What do Tony and John do after lunch?
(a) Smoke cigars and drink whiskey.
(b) Play cricket with some other men.
(c) Have a round of golf.
(d) Take a tour of the house.

6. When Brenda finally communicates with Tony, what does she tell him?
(a) That she is in love with another man.
(b) That she will be visiting that weekend.
(c) That John Andrew is to be sent to her.
(d) That she is divorcing Tony.

7. What does Brenda find unbearable?
(a) Being a mother.
(b) Not getting to London very often.
(c) Being around Tony's relatives.
(d) Tony's anger and abuse.

8. Who comes to a small get together that Brenda arranges?
(a) Jock, Marjorie, John Beaver and Allan.
(b) Allan and John Beaver.
(c) Marjorie, Brenda's mother and sister.
(d) Jock, Marjorie, Allan, and another married couple they know.

9. Who do Tony and Jock decide to go?
(a) To a "low" joint where they can drink the rest if the night.
(b) To Marjorie's house.
(c) Back to Hetton Abbey.
(d) To another Gentleman's Club.

10. How does Brenda do at Polly's party?
(a) She decides not to go.
(b) She merges into her social circle with ease.
(c) She raises a ruckus about a man who made an advance on her.
(d) She is ill at ease and anxious.

11. Who is Allan?
(a) Marjorie's husband.
(b) Marjorie's son.
(c) Brenda's brother.
(d) Brenda's stepfather.

12. Who is Mrs. Rattery?
(a) A well-known British author.
(b) Jock's date for the hunt.
(c) Jock's sister who comes for the hunt.
(d) A young Swedish widow.

13. What does Tony tell his kitchen staff?
(a) That he no longer wants an evening meal.
(b) That the food has been excellent and to keep up the good work.
(c) That he will take his meals in the library when Brenda is out of town.
(d) That they are to take a vacation.

14. How does Mrs. Rattery arrive at Hetton?
(a) By horseback.
(b) By a plane she pilots herself.
(c) By rail.
(d) By boat.

15. What does Mrs. Beaver do for a living?
(a) Matchmaker.
(b) Secretary.
(c) Fashion design.
(d) Interior decorating and real estate.

Short Answer Questions

1. When was Hetton Abbey rebuilt?

2. What does John learn when he returns home from the club?

3. To whom is Mrs. Beaver speaking?

4. How do others feel about John at the party?

5. From whom does John receive a phone call?

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