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Hetton - This place has been in the Last family for generations..

Brenda's Flat - Brenda decided to rent this in London so she would have a place to stay whenever she partied and spent time with Beaver.

Polly's House - Polly makes this the center for all social gatherings.

Brat's Club - An establishment formed by the younger upper class men who were uncomfortable trying to fit in with the old crowd at more strict discriminating clubs.

London - This city is used as a direct contrast to life at Hetton and other locations mentioned in the novel.

Brighton - This is a seaside hotel area, where Tony takes Milly in order to fake a love tryst.

Morgan le Fay Room - This is the title of the room that Tony has slept in all of his adult life.

Guinevere Room - Brenda has taken this...

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