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Lesson 1 (from Chapter One, Du Cote de Chez Beaver)


Social and economic classes. Money and class are the first trends introduced in the novel. Mrs. Beaver has managed to hold on to her connection with the upper class and she works hard to keep it.

The objective of this lesson is to look at social and economic classes.


1. Class discussion. Societies and nations have always had a division of classes. Some divisions, such as the caste system in India were strict, formal, rules on the division of class. In America, the rules aren't law, yet the division between "classes" is just as evident in this democratic country as in some less democratic. What is a class? How difficult is it in America to move up the "scale?" Is life more difficult for the rich, the poor, the in-between? Does one instinctively know one's "class" in America? Do the rich serve in the armed forces...

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