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Short Answer Questions

1. What resulted from the depopulation of Europe during the plague?

2. Why did nobles neglect to condemn the luxuries of the clergy?

3. What were the first signs of the people rebelling against the church?

4. What was the political situation like in Coucy in the beginning of the 14th century?

5. What did the Jacquerie inspire in France?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the relationship between the church and science in 14th-century France?

2. Describe Jean II's captivity in England.

3. Describe the role and status of the church in 14th-century France.

4. What was the relationship between the church and the Knights Templar?

5. What is the relation of the king to the nobles?

6. Describe the 14th-century French entertainment that involved cats.

7. What is the relationship between the rich and poor in 14th-century France?

8. How is love practiced in 14th-century France?

9. How are the Jews treated in 14th-century France?

10. What technology affects the living arrangements in the 14th century?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Religious figures like Catherine of Siena and Pierre de Luxembourg acquired great renown and some power in their religiousness. Mystics sought the same influence by spreading their teachings. Analyze these figures and describe the role of the exceptionally-religious person in society. What was their role? What was their power? How did they influence the people around them?

Essay Topic 2

Enguerrand was caught between two sets of loyalties, to England and France, and he served as an envoy between the two countries. What was the role of diplomacy in 14th-century politics? What tools besides war did political figures and monarchs use to enforce their wills and desires?

Essay Topic 3

How mobile were people in the fourteenth century? Enguerrand fought wars from England to Tunis, but how many people enjoyed this degree of mobility? Is the idea of a small town local life in the fourteenth century a myth, or was it the reality for a large portion of the people?

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