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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why were music and medicine lumped together in the 14th century?
(a) They both drew on the same spirits.
(b) They both aimed to harmonize the body.
(c) They both used resonance to heal.
(d) They both relied on mystical intervals of sound and tone.

2. What was the political situation like in Coucy in the beginning of the 14th century?
(a) A repressive dictatorship.
(b) Chaotic but largely plutocratic.
(c) Prosperous and democratic.
(d) Constantly unstable.

3. How did the people who built the castle of Coucy allow for the people inside the castle to provide for themselves during a siege?
(a) They built installed a system of early detection for invaders.
(b) They enclosed the surrounding farmland in walls as well.
(c) They built a network of underground entrances.
(d) They built a moat around the castle for water.

4. What would a wealthy child learn until the age of seven?
(a) Trades.
(b) Morality.
(c) Math.
(d) Manners.

5. What is the difference between the two types of plague?
(a) One could be survived.
(b) One would leave a person pockmarked.
(c) The length of time before death.
(d) One would affect the eyes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What roles did the Church play in Coucy society?

2. What did the Third Estate accomplish while Jean II was a captive of the English?

3. Which figures in the church offered believers solace?

4. How did wealthy people display their wealth in the 14th century?

5. When did Philip the Fair accuse the Templars of heresy?

Short Essay Questions

1. List the first Lords of Coucy.

2. What is the relationship between the church and science in 14th-century France?

3. What is the relationship between the king and the church in 14th-century France?

4. Describe the Jacquerie rebellion.

5. What technology affects the living arrangements in the 14th century?

6. What is the relationship between the military and money?

7. Describe Jean II's captivity in England.

8. How are taxes collected in Coucy?

9. Describe the reputation of the estate at Coucy.

10. What is the relation of the king to the nobles?

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