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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Philip van Artevelde order in Ghent when there were revolts?
(a) Raising of taxes.
(b) Ordering the townspeople into exile.
(c) Distribution of food and fixing of prices.
(d) Massacre of men and boys.

2. How did the Genoese present their request for French military assistance?
(a) As a crusade.
(b) As a conquest.
(c) As a holy obligation.
(d) As an inquisition.

3. Why were Enguerrand's men ultimately discouraged?
(a) A string of losses.
(b) Low pay.
(c) Constant guerilla-style harassment.
(d) Lack of food and plunder.

4. Who did Enguerrand ally himself with?
(a) The Green Count.
(b) King Charles.
(c) Pope Gregory XI.
(d) The Black Knight.

5. Who pleaded with the pope for Church reform?
(a) Hawkwood.
(b) Archbishop Bari.
(c) Enguerrand.
(d) Catherine of Siena.

6. What reason did Enguerrand give for wanting to stop fighting?
(a) He wanted to see to his estate and his business.
(b) He wanted to be made Pope.
(c) He wanted to return to his family.
(d) He wanted to travel.

7. How were the English forces paid during their campaign in France?
(a) In Spanish gold.
(b) In pillage.
(c) In land on returning home.
(d) In women and slaves.

8. How was sex handled in King Edward's culture?
(a) All mention of sex was forbidden in society.
(b) It was treated openly in poems.
(c) It was an open secret, but it was not spoken about in polite society.
(d) Sex was discussed openly among initiates.

9. How did Pierre de Luxembourg attain canonization?
(a) By renouncing the flesh at age six.
(b) By dying at six.
(c) By healing the sick as a child.
(d) By bearing the stigmata.

10. What did King Charles focus on as his health began to decline?
(a) Extending his territory.
(b) Winning his wars.
(c) Paying back his debts.
(d) Making peace.

11. How does Catherine of Siena serve Christ?
(a) By keeping herself in a constant state of discomfort.
(b) By praying incessantly.
(c) By copying the bible into foreign languages.
(d) By giving away all her possessions to the poor.

12. Who convinced Gregory XI to hire mercenaries against the Italians?
(a) Charles IV.
(b) Hawkwood.
(c) Robert of Geneva.
(d) Enguerrand.

13. What did Gerard Groote found?
(a) The Knights Templar.
(b) The Freemasons.
(c) The Brethren of the Common.
(d) The Saracens.

14. What territories did Enguerrand want to acquire?
(a) Aquitaine.
(b) Hapsburg.
(c) Wales.
(d) Lorraine.

15. What did the Cardinal do when Anjou took the throne?
(a) Organized a militia.
(b) Fled the country.
(c) Raised money for the government.
(d) Campaigned to have him removed.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Gregory return to Rome?

2. How does Enguerrand resolve his conflicting obligations?

3. What caused the bourgeoisie to come to a peaceful settlement in regard to the King's tax policy?

4. What threat confronted people in the countryside of Europe in the 1360s?

5. The papacy after Gregory was disputed between whom?

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