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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom did Philip de Artevelde offer allegiance after he assumed the Regent?
(a) Prussia.
(b) France.
(c) England.
(d) The Pope.

2. What responsibility did Coucy assume when King Charles died?
(a) He commanded the forces at Picardy.
(b) He assumed responsibility for Coucy.
(c) He was charged with capturing Hawkwood.
(d) He became England's embassador to France.

3. How did Enguerrand punish looters?
(a) Hard labor.
(b) Fines.
(c) He did not punish them.
(d) Hanging.

4. Who was captured and held without ransom?
(a) The Black Prince.
(b) Chandos.
(c) Captal de Buch.
(d) King Edward.

5. Why is a knight loyal to the queen when the king is absent?
(a) Because the queen is joined with the king in a unified monarchy.
(b) Because the king will kill him if he is disobedient.
(c) Because the queen is of inferior virtue.
(d) Because the knight vowed to obey the king's people.

6. What reason did Enguerrand give for wanting to stop fighting?
(a) He wanted to travel.
(b) He wanted to see to his estate and his business.
(c) He wanted to be made Pope.
(d) He wanted to return to his family.

7. Whom does Enguerrard recommend when Charles nominates him for Constable?
(a) Someone more familiar with Brittany.
(b) Philip.
(c) Visconti.
(d) Hawkwood.

8. When did Enguerrand marry Isabelle?
(a) 1365.
(b) 1347.
(c) 1383.
(d) 1386.

9. What did Coucy do in 1368?
(a) Coucy marched with an army to Spain.
(b) Coucy granted freedom to 22 towns.
(c) Coucy returned to England for Enguerrand's marriage.
(d) Coucy levied high taxes on his people to pay to be rid of the army passing through.

10. Who condemned Enguerrand's sale of dynastic property?
(a) Isabeau.
(b) Froissart.
(c) Count Guy de Blois.
(d) Wenceslas IV.

11. What did Christine de Pisan write about?
(a) Romance.
(b) King Arthur.
(c) Chivalry.
(d) Joan of Arc.

12. What did the Cardinal do when Anjou took the throne?
(a) Organized a militia.
(b) Campaigned to have him removed.
(c) Raised money for the government.
(d) Fled the country.

13. Why were the French reluctant to commit troops as the Genoese wanted?
(a) They were trying to reduce military expenditures.
(b) They were waiting for a peace with England.
(c) They were currently fighting England.
(d) They were currently fighting Prussia.

14. Where does Gregory say Rome is?
(a) Wherever he is.
(b) In the heart of every Roman.
(c) At the altar of the Vatican.
(d) Wherever the pope happens to be.

15. How many religious holidays did workers have to observe a year?
(a) 200.
(b) 75.
(c) 100.
(d) 50.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Enguerrand torn when King Charles declares war in 1369?

2. Who assumes the Papacy after Gregory?

3. What does Leopold suggest that people do, in towns threatened by Enguerrand?

4. How long after his visit to France did Charles IV die?

5. What does Anjou offer in return for safe passage back to France?

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