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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What turn of events allowed Enguerrand's forces to defeat Visconti's?
(a) Enguerrand paid Visconti's forces not to fight or to fight against Visconti.
(b) Enguerrand's forces received last-minute reinforcements.
(c) Visconti's mercenaries turned to looting.
(d) Visconti's forces were pushed into the lake.

2. Whom did Enguerrand marry in 1365?
(a) Elizabeth.
(b) Philippa.
(c) Isabella.
(d) Joanna.

3. Who convinced Gregory XI to hire mercenaries against the Italians?
(a) Enguerrand.
(b) Hawkwood.
(c) Charles IV.
(d) Robert of Geneva.

4. How did the French try to take the Saracens' city?
(a) By force.
(b) By deceit.
(c) By trade.
(d) By siege.

5. Who was King Edward's daughter promised to when she was nineteen?
(a) A propertied landowner.
(b) A propertied landowner's son.
(c) A nobleman's youngest son.
(d) A wealthy merchant's son.

6. When did Enguerrand marry Isabelle?
(a) 1347.
(b) 1386.
(c) 1383.
(d) 1365.

7. What caused the bourgeoisie to come to a peaceful settlement in regard to the King's tax policy?
(a) A disastrous battle of Ghent.
(b) The defeat of the Flemish at Lys.
(c) The death of Enguerrand.
(d) The death of the female heir to the throne.

8. Why is Enguerrand torn when King Charles declares war in 1369?
(a) He had sworn allegiance to both nations.
(b) He is related to the English, but he is French.
(c) He will lose money no matter who wins the war.
(d) He is married into French nobility, but his wealth is in English companies.

9. Who did Enguerrand ally himself with?
(a) Pope Gregory XI.
(b) The Black Knight.
(c) King Charles.
(d) The Green Count.

10. Charles of Navarre is arrested under suspicion of what?
(a) Plotting to murder his wife's father.
(b) Murdering his brother-in-law.
(c) Plotting to overthrow the king.
(d) Plotting to poison the king.

11. What did King Edward's daughter decide on her way to her wedding?
(a) To run away.
(b) Not to get married.
(c) To become a nun.
(d) To become a poetess.

12. What did the Cardinal do when Anjou took the throne?
(a) Campaigned to have him removed.
(b) Raised money for the government.
(c) Fled the country.
(d) Organized a militia.

13. What threat confronted people in the countryside of Europe in the 1360s?
(a) Grain shortages.
(b) Labor riots.
(c) Gangs of brigands.
(d) Warfare.

14. What did the Black Prince order his people to do in Limoges?
(a) Collect taxes.
(b) Open a Roman Catholic school.
(c) Take possession of the library and art collections.
(d) Destroy the town and slaughter the people.

15. What does Leopold suggest that people do, in towns threatened by Enguerrand?
(a) Turn their churches into forts.
(b) Stay in their homes.
(c) Arm themselves against the invaders and fight in the streets.
(d) Take their possessions and retreat.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Gregory return to Rome?

2. What does Enguerrand receive in return for ensuring that his men will not pillage?

3. To whom did Philip de Artevelde offer allegiance after he assumed the Regent?

4. The papacy after Gregory was disputed between whom?

5. How was Hawkwood's loyalty purchased by the Milanese?

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