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Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Edward, Micky and Hugh meet in the Argyll Room?

2. What is ratting?

3. Why did Pilaster and Co. shut down?

4. What kind of a woman is Augusta Pilaster?

5. Why does Samuel give in to Augusta's threats about his sexuality?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kind of a character is Hugh?

2. How does Augusta split up Maisie and Hugh?

3. What kind of a character is Augusta?

4. What does Micky do to finalize the demise of Tonio?

5. What happens to Hugh in Part 1, Chapter 5?

6. What happens between Micky and Augusta in the church? What is the significance of their conversation?

7. What has happened with Micky in the six years that Hugh was gone, and what are his future and immediate plans?

8. What kind of a character is Seth? Be sure to mention his business acumen and religious beliefs.

9. What does Hugh like about Nora when he first meets her?

10. What is the setting of the novel, and how does it affect the storyline immediately?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Find the symbols in the novel. What are they? What do they represent? Analyze how effectively the author portrays them.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze Dan's character. How does he become such a fighter? What are his causes? How does he continue to fight throughout his life?

Essay Topic 3

Why is the brothel a major setting of the novel? What really takes place there beyond the obvious sexual and gambling activities?

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