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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Micky persuade Edward to secretly give him the loan in Part 3?
(a) He tells Edward that he will have to return to Cordova.
(b) He tells Edward that he loves Augusta and will have to tell her if he does not get the money.
(c) He tells Edward that he loves him.
(d) He asks Edward to come live with him.

2. How old is Hugh in Part 3 of the novel?
(a) 42.
(b) 37.
(c) 30.
(d) 25.

3. What does Emily want to discuss with Maisie after one of her afternoon teas in Part 2, Chapter 3?
(a) Edward's visits to Nellie's
(b) Edward's relationship with Micky.
(c) Personal problems with Edward.
(d) Augusta's attitude toward her marriage to Edward.

4. What is happening at Nellie's that is a gimmick that April put into practice?
(a) A masquerade.
(b) Gambling and girls.
(c) Blind Man's Buff.
(d) Women's choice.

5. Why is Solly so angry with Edward in Part 2, Chapter 5?
(a) Solly knows how he has fought against Hugh.
(b) Solly discovered what he did to Emily.
(c) Solly knows that the railroad investment is no good.
(d) Solly knows that he and Augusta were behind the articles about Ben.

Short Answer Questions

1. What personal matter is Ben dealing with in Part 3, Chapter 3, after the close of the bank?

2. What does the Prince of Wales tell Maisie that he will do for her?

3. Why is Micky angry that he runs into Hugh when he returns to the club to play cards with Edward in Part 2, Chapter 5?

4. What compromise do the partners come to regarding Micky's loan?

5. How does Micky respond to what Emily does to trick Edward?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Emily do to attempt to have Edward's child, and how does it all backfire?

2. What does Maisie discover about the incident at the ball, and how does she make the discovery?

3. How does Emily get her annulment?

4. How does Micky finally get Edward to talk to him in Part 3, Chapter 2, after Edward discovers the truth about the drowning?

5. What has become of Edward's and Micky's marriages by Part 2, Chapter 5?

6. In Part 2, Chapter 4, what does Maisie do with Nora that is risky but very satisfying in its result?

7. Where does Hugh find Tonio in Part 2, Chapter 4, and what does Tonio finally tell Hugh?

8. How does Hugh want to handle the failing of the bank with his family members? How do they respond?

9. In Part 3, Chapter 3, what does Augusta attempt to do to get cash for herself, and then what does she steal that will allow her to have a decent income?

10. In Part 2, Chapter 3, what is Micky's plan to stop Tonio, and how is the plan carried out?

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