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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Micky and Edward go to Nellie's in Part 1, Chapter 2?
(a) To drink.
(b) To find girlfriends.
(c) To play baccarat.
(d) To smoke.

2. Why does Augusta have Micky walk her to the church in the Prologue?
(a) So she would not have to walk alone.
(b) To invite him to her home for the summer.
(c) To make him tell her the truth about Peter.
(d) To have him show her the way.

3. In Part 1, Chapter 5, who has posted a message in Lloyd's Weekly News for Maisie?
(a) Hugh.
(b) Her mother and father.
(c) Danny, her brother.
(d) Solly.

4. What inappropriate action does Mickey take in the church with Augusta?
(a) He touches her cheek.
(b) He kisses her on the lips.
(c) He kisses her hand.
(d) He lies to her.

5. What is the conversation about during tea in Part I, Chapter 5?
(a) The financial crisis.
(b) Joseph's new appointment at the bank.
(c) Hugh.
(d) Seth's health.

6. Hugh and his mother speak frankly for the first time about all of the following except for what?
(a) Augusta's devious ways and lies.
(b) Hugh's future.
(c) Maisie's reputation.
(d) Money.

7. Why do Micky and Edward treat Nell like royalty?
(a) She is royalty.
(b) They owe her money.
(c) To many, she is as important as the Queen.
(d) She owns the bar.

8. Why are the boys in detention in the Prologue of the book?
(a) They were boisterous in class.
(b) Someone stole money.
(c) They swam in the watering hole.
(d) One of them was insubordinate.

9. In Part 1, Chapter 1, how many years have passed since the Prologue?
(a) 2.
(b) 25.
(c) 7.
(d) 10.

10. What news of Seth does Augusta give Micky when he comes to tea in Part 1, Chapter 5?
(a) Seth will give Micky his loan.
(b) Seth has resigned from the bank.
(c) Seth's health has improved.
(d) Seth's health is failing.

11. What does Micky do at the baccarat game that makes things go his way?
(a) He deals, so he can stack the cards.
(b) He barely bets, so he can't lose.
(c) He plays with Tonio to help him lose.
(d) He plays with Edward as they set up a scam.

12. Maisie doesn't want to be Solly's wife or mistress for all of the reasons except for which one?
(a) He is too nice to deceive.
(b) He is rich.
(c) He is fat.
(d) She is not in love with him.

13. Why is Tonio crying when he meets up with Hugh in the woods?
(a) Edward beat him up.
(b) Micky tried to drown him.
(c) He could not find his clothes.
(d) Peter drowned.

14. Why does Solly take the train and the bus in Part 1, Chapter 4?
(a) He does not want Maisie to feel badly by taking a carriage.
(b) He has no money.
(c) He wants to experience the other side.
(d) Because he is with Maisie who is poor.

15. What does Tonio do at the ratting that intrigues Micky?
(a) He kisses April.
(b) He vomits.
(c) He places a large bet.
(d) He laughs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is ratting?

2. Where does Hugh go for the month of August before he leaves on his journey?

3. In Part 1, Chapter 3, what job does Maisie find?

4. What class of people generally go to the Argyll Room?

5. What does Maisie learn of Hugh at the lawyer's office in Part 1, Chapter 5?

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