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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Tonio's plan to ruin the Mirandas' plan?
(a) Blackmail the Mirandas.
(b) Run an editorial explaining the condition in the mines.
(c) Personally convince the bank not to lend them money.
(d) Purchase guns to start a war against them.

2. Why won't Pilaster bank loan Carlos Miranda money?
(a) He wants to purchase arms with it.
(b) He is Spanish.
(c) They don't know if he is legitimate or not.
(d) He does not live in England.

3. Why did Pilaster and Co. shut down?
(a) Toby Pilaster hanged himself.
(b) The workers went on strike.
(c) The bank collapsed.
(d) Nobody wanted the company's goods any longer.

4. What does Tonio do at the ratting that intrigues Micky?
(a) He laughs.
(b) He places a large bet.
(c) He kisses April.
(d) He vomits.

5. What is ratting?
(a) Cocks fighting against rats.
(b) Cock fighting.
(c) A dog fight against rats.
(d) Rats fighting against rats.

6. What position is Hugh an assistant to in Part I, Chapter 3?
(a) Junior Partner.
(b) Correspondence Clerk.
(c) Senior Partner.
(d) The Principal Clerk.

7. What does Solly ask Maisie at the races?
(a) Will she marry him?
(b) Did she bet on her favorite horse?
(c) Does she like Hugh?
(d) Will she be his mistress?

8. Why does Hugh tell Edward that his mother is looking for him?
(a) To be alone with Rachel.
(b) To show Augusta that she is not in control.
(c) To be alone with Florence.
(d) To make Edward mad.

9. What does Joseph Pilaster collect?
(a) Jeweled rings.
(b) Jeweled snuff boxes.
(c) Peacock feathers.
(d) Ivory pipes.

10. Who helps Micky cover up the murder?
(a) The nurse.
(b) Papa.
(c) Augusta.
(d) Edward.

11. Joseph promises Edward partnership at the bank when what happens?
(a) Edward brings in new accounts.
(b) Edward stops hanging out with Micky.
(c) Edward becomes friendly with Hugh.
(d) Edward marries.

12. What correspondence is sent between Hugh and Florence in Part 1, Chapter 2?
(a) Letters of inquiry as to why he won't see her.
(b) Letters of inquiry as to why she won't see him.
(c) Letters from Florence concerning Rachel.
(d) Letters from the court telling Hugh that there is an injuction.

13. What is the conversation about during tea in Part I, Chapter 5?
(a) Joseph's new appointment at the bank.
(b) The financial crisis.
(c) Hugh.
(d) Seth's health.

14. How does Augusta get invited to the Duchess' costume ball?
(a) She has Maisie get her tickets.
(b) She has Joseph get her tickets.
(c) She has Micky get her tickets.
(d) She gets Lady Morte to get her tickets.

15. What does Maisie eat with Bertie in the nursery?
(a) Porridge and honey.
(b) Ice cream.
(c) Pastries.
(d) Pancakes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Hugh packing to go to as Part I, Chapter 5 opens?

2. What does Papa tell Micky that he has planned for Micky's future?

3. What does Maisie stop from happening to Hugh during the Punch and Judy show?

4. How does Micky kill Seth?

5. How does Joseph react to the incident with Nora in Part 2, Chapter 2?

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