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• Windfield school for boys in the late 1800s is the setting of the novel.

• The boys are in detention because someone stole money from Mr. Offerton.

• Micky and Edward decide to escape detention and go swimming at the watering hole.

• They make their way there only to find three younger boys already there.

• Edward throws their clothes in the water.

• Hugh pushes Edward in.

• Edward retaliates by pushing Peter under the water. Tonio throws a rock and hits Edward in the head.

• Hugh runs away carrying some of his clothes,

• Tonio catches up with Hugh; he is crying but won't say why.

• Hugh and Tonio get caught as they reappear on campus.

• Hugh is sent to the schoolmaster's office where his mother is waiting for him to tell him that his father is dead.
• Danny and Maisie wait for Papa to come home from work on Friday...

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