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Tom Gordon. a Review

Summary: Reviews the novel, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Steven King. Describes why it is an enjoyable thriller. Summarizes the plot.
The book The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Steven King has become one of my favorite books. I have only read about a quarter of the story but so far I have enjoyed reading it a lot. I must say this is a thriller most people can associate with, as probably all of us have been lost at one time. I know I can definitely associate with being lost, especially in a wooded area.

The character of the story Trisha, a ten-year-old girl is described so well by the author that you feel like you have known her your entire life. The decisions she makes and the way she acts and reacts to instances reflects almost exactly as I would and that makes this book really interesting for me. Also, it is easy to picture the woods and all its incommodities and dangers since they too are described in exquisite detail. You can truly feel like you are the one lost in the woods, simply trying to survive.

The language Steven Spielberg uses in his story truly convinces the reader that a ten-year-old girl is narrating it. Most of the language is easy to understand and sounds just like any girl Trisha's age would use. Trisha is portrayed as a fighter who will not surrender. She knows she must get out of the woods alive and though struggles through many hardships, will not been defeated.

I think that what gives this great novel an extra kick is that the reader knows that all of the stuff that happens to Trisha can occur in real life. In fact a lot of the stuff that she faces like getting stung by insects on various occasions and getting cut with bushes and sharp rocks has happened to everyone at some point. Of course however Trisha seems to have really bad luck and gets to experience the extreme side of these types of incidents. I hope Trisha makes her way out of the woods and back home safely.

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