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“I shall now come to matters that concern you.  Our constitution expressly stipulates that the first President of our Government should be a man whom the people unanimously desired.  Each Congressman had to be instructed to vote for the same man, else there would be no election.  This was done because it was felt that the responsibility of the first President would be so great, and have such a formative influence that he should be the selection of the best judgment of the entire nation.

“In the second place, this would ensure his having a united nation at his back.  Again, this forcing the people to be unanimous would have a tendency to heal dissensions within their ranks.  In other words, we needed a George Washington.

“Various men have been put forward for this honor and vigorous campaigns have been waged in their behalf.  But these all failed of the necessary unanimous vote.  At last, one young man arose, who was brilliant and sound, genial and true, great and good.  On every tongue was his name and in every heart his image.  Unsolicited by him, unknown to him, the nation by its unanimous voice has chosen him the President of our beloved Government.  This day he has unflinchingly met the test that our Congress decreed and has come out of the furnace, purer than gold.  He feared death no more than the caress of his mother, when he felt that that death was to be suffered in behalf of his oppressed people.  I have the great honor, on this the proudest occasion of my life, to announce that I am commissioned to inform you that the name of our President is Bernard Belgrave.  You, sir, are President of the Imperium In Imperio, the name of our Government, and to you we devote our property, our lives, our all, promising to follow your banner into every post of danger until it is planted on freedom’s hill.  You are given three months in which to verify all of my claims, and give us answer as to whether you will serve us.”

* * * * *

Bernard took three months to examine into the reality and stability of the Imperium.  He found it well nigh perfect in every part and presented a form of government unexcelled by that of any other nation.


Crossing the Rubicon.

Bernard assumed the Presidency of the Imperium and was duly inaugurated in a manner in keeping with the importance of his high office.  He began the direction of its affairs with such energy and tactful discretion as betokened great achievements.

He familiarized himself with every detail of his great work and was thoroughly posted as to all the resources at his command.  He devoted much time to assuaging jealousies and healing breaches wherever such existed in the ranks of the Imperium.  He was so gentle, so loving, yet so firm and impartial, that all factional differences disappeared at his approach.

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