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4,784 words, approx. 16 pages
In the following essay, Gloster profiles Griggs as a leader among those African-American novelists whose work challenged racial stereotypes portrayed in the writings of white Southerners such as Thoma... Read more
3,780 words, approx. 13 pages
In the following essay, Tracy offers a look at Griggs's style as a preacher. Although critics as early as Sterling Brown in 1937 recognized the artistic deficiencies of Sutton E. Griggs, they h... Read more
1,097 words, approx. 4 pages
In the following excerpt, Bone looks at Griggs's novels within the framework of African-American political conditions at the time of their writing. Griggs was a prominent Baptist minister and ... Read more
2,293 words, approx. 8 pages
In the following essay, Fleming explores aspects of violence—real and imagined—in Griggs's novels. Sutton E. Griggs has customarily been held up as an early example of the militan... Read more
7,072 words, approx. 24 pages
In the following essay, Tatham examines Griggs's Imperium in Imperio as a guide to radical political action. Be convinced . . . that the past is no forbidden vista upon which we dare not look,... Read more
4,785 words, approx. 16 pages
In the following essay, Whitlow compares and contrasts Imperium in Imperio with Martin Delany's novel of slave revolt, Blake. From the outset of the Black experience in America there has existe... Read more
7,257 words, approx. 25 pages
In the following essay, Moses evaluates Griggs's place within the tradition of the nationalist novel adn discusses his use of African-American literary conventions. The distinguished black Amer... Read more
2,817 words, approx. 10 pages
In the following essay, which was originally presented as a lecture at an American Studies conference, Moses contrasts Griggs's views on ethnic assimilation in America with those of the Jewish ... Read more
4,392 words, approx. 15 pages
In the following essay, Vassilowitch examines the rise and fall of the white racist Horace Christian, a character in Overshadowed. Overshadowed (1901) is the second novel written by turn-of-the-centur... Read more
8,375 words, approx. 28 pages
In the following excerpt, Campbell explores the ways in which Griggs's Imperium in Imperio and Charles Chesnutt's The Marrow of Tradition reflected the moral climate of their time. The ... Read more