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Part VI3
Part I.3
I. Bajun and Jhore.3
II.  Anuwa and His Mother.5
III.  Ledha and the Leopard.6
IV.  The Cruel Stepmother.9
V. Karmu and Dharmu.13
VI.  The Jealous Stepmother.15
VII.  The Pious Woman.16
VIII.  The Wise Daughter-in-Law.17
IX.  The Oilman and His Sons.18
X. The Girl Who Found Helpers.19
XI.  How to Grow Rich.21
XII.  The Changed Calf.23
XIII.  The Koeri and the Barber.25
XIV.  The Prince Who Acquired Wisdom.25
XV.  The Monkey Boy.27
XVI.  The Miser’s Servant.30
XVII.  Kuwar and the Rajah’s Daughter.32
XVIII.  The Laughing Fish.36
XIX.  How the Cowherd Found a Bride.39
XX.  Kara and Guja.41
XXI.  The Magic Cow.43
XXII.  Lita and His Animals.47
XXIII.  The Boy Who Found His Father.53
XXIV.  The Oilman’s Bullock.55
XXV.  How Sabai Grass Grew.56
XXVI.  The Merchant’s Son and the Raja’s Daughter.58
When he heard her lament like this the merchant’s son exclaimed59
XXVII.  The Flycatcher’s Egg.61
XXVIII.  The Wife Who Would Not Be Beaten.62
XXIX.  Sahde Goala.64
XXX.  The Raja’s Son and the Merchants Son.68
XXXI.  The Poor Widow.70
XXXII.  The Monkey and the Girl.71
XXXIII.  Ramai and the Animals.72
XXXIV.  The Magic Bedstead.73
XXXV.  The Ghormuhas.74
XXXVI.  The Boy Who Learnt Magic.74
XXXVII.  The Charitable Jogi.77
XXXVIII.  Chote and Mote.78
XXXIX.  The Daydreamer.79
XL.  The Extortionate Sentry.79
XLI.  The Broken Friendship.79
XLII.  A Story Told by a Hindu.81
XLIII.  The Raibar and the Leopard.82
XLIV.  The Ungrateful Snake.83
XLV.  The Tiger’s Bride.86
XLVI.  The Killing of the Tiger.87
XLVII.  The Dream.88
XLVIII.  The King of the Bhuyans.89
XLIX.  The Foolish Sons.90
L. Kora and His Sister.92
LI.  A Story on Caste.95
LII.  Tipi and Tepa.96
LIII.  The Child with the Ears of an Ox.96
LIV.  The Child Who Knew His Father.97
LV.  Jogeshwar’s Marriage.98
LVI.  The Strong Man.100
LVII.  The Raja’s Advice.102
LVIII.  The Four Jogis.103
LIX.  The Charitable Raja.104
LX.  A Variant.—­The Wandering Raja.105
LXI.  The Two Wives.107
LXII.  Spanling and His Uncles.108
LXIII.  The Silent Wife.109
LXIV.  The Dumb Shepherd.110
LXV.  The Good Daughter-in-Law.111
LXVI.  The Raja’s Dream.112
LXVII.  The Mongoose Boy.115
LXVIII.  The Stolen Treasure.118
LXIX.  Dukhu and His Bonga Wife.119
LXX.  The Monkey Husband.122
LXXI.  Lakhan and the Wild Buffaloes.123
LXXII.  The Boy with the Stag.125
LXXIII.  The Seven Brothers and the Bonga Girl.125
LXXIV.  The Tiger’s Foster Child.129
LXXV.  The Caterpillar Boy.130
LXXVI.  The Monkey Nursemaid.133
LXXVII.  The Wife Who Could Not Keep a Secret.134
LXXVIII.  Sit and Lakhan.136
LXXIX.  The Raja Who Went To Heaven.138
LXXX.  Seven-Tricks and Single-Trick.138
LXXXI.  Fuljhari Raja.140
LXXXII.  The Corpse of the Raja’s Son.142
LXXXIII.  The Sham Child.143
LXXXIV.  The Sons of the Kherohuri Raja.144
LXXXV.  The Dog Bride.146
LXXXVI.  Wealth or Wisdom.147
LXXXVII.  The Goala and the Cow.151
LXXXVIII.  The Telltale Wife.153
LXXXIX.  The Bridegroom Who Spoke in Riddles.154
XC.  The Lazy Man.156
XCI.  Another Lazy Man.158
XCII.  The Widow’s Son.159
XCIII.  The Boy Who Was Changed into a Dog.162
XCIV.  Birluri and Birbanta.164
XCV.  The Killing of the Rakhas.165
XCVI.  The Children and the Vultures.167
XCVII.  The Ferryman.169
XCVIII.  Catching a Thief.170
C. The Prince Who Would Not Marry.173
CI.  The Prince Who Found Two Wives.174
CII.  The Unfaithful Wife.175
CIII.  The Industrious Bride.177
CIV.  The Boy and His Fate.178
CV.  The Messengers of Death.179
CVI.  The Speaking Crab.180
CVII.  The Leopard Outwitted.181
CVIII.  The Wind and the Sun.182
CIX.  The Coldest Season.183
CX.  The Jackal and the Crow.183
CXI.  The Tiger Cub and the Calf.184
CXII.  The Jackal and the Chickens.185
CXIII.  The Jackal Punished.187
CXIV.  The Tigers and the Cat.188
CXV.  The Elephant and the Ants.189
CXVI.  A Fox and His Wife.189
CXVII.  The Jackal and the Crocodiles.190
CXVIII.  The Bullfrog and the Crab.192
CXIX.  The Hyaena Outwitted.193
CXX.  The Crow and the Egret.194
CXXI.  The Jackal and the Hare.195
CXXII.  The Brave Jackal.195
CXXIII.  The Jackal and the Leopards.196
CXXIV.  The Fool and His Dinner.197
CXXV.  The Stingy Daughter.197
CXXVI.  The Backwards and Forwards Dance.198
CXXVII.  The Deaf Family.199
CXXVIII.  The Father-in-Law’s Visit.199
CXXIX.  Ramai and Somai.200
CXXX.  The Two Brothers.201
CXXXI.  The Three Fools.201
CXXXII.  The Cure for Laziness.203
CXXXIII.  The Brahman’s Powers.204
CXXXIV.  Ram’s Wife.204
CXXXV.  Palo.205
CXXXVI.  The Women’s Sacrifice.206
CXXXVII.  The Thief’s Son.207
CXXXVIII.  The Divorce.207
CXXXIX.  The Father and the Father-in-Law.208
CXL.  The Reproof.210
CXLI.  Enigmas.211
CXLII.  The Too Particular Wife.211
CXLIII.  The Paharia Socialists.212
CXLIV.  How a Tiger Was Killed.212
CXLV.  The Goala’s Daughter.213
CXLVI.  The Brahman’s Clothes.213
CXLVII.  The Winning of a Bride.214
CXLVIII.  Marriage with Bongas.215
CXLIX.  The Bonga Headman.216
CL.  Lakhan and the Bongas.216
CLI.  The House Bonga.217
CLII.  The Sarsagun Maiden.218
CLIII.  The Schoolboy and the Bonga.219
The bonga maiden sang in answer219
The bonga maiden sing in answer219
CLIV.  The Bonga’s Cave.220
CLV.  The Bonga’s Victim.221
CLVI.  Baijal and the Bonga.223
CLVII.  Ramai and the Bonga.225
CLVIII.  The Boundary Bonga.226
CLIX.  The Bonga Exorcised.226
CLX.  The Beginning of Things.227
CLXI.  Chando and His Wife.229
CLXII.  The Sikhar Raja.229
CLXIII.  The Origin of Tobacco.230
CLXIV.  The Transmigration of Souls.231
CLXV.  The Next World.233
CLXVI.  After Death.233
CLXVII.  Hares and Men.233
CLXVIII.  A Legend.234
CLXIX.  Pregnant Women.235
CLXX.  The Influence of the Moon.235
CLXXI.  Illegitimate Children.236
CLXXII.  The Dead.236
CLXXIII.  Hunting Custom.237
CLXXIV.  Witchcraft.237
CLXXV.  Of Dains and Ojhas.238
CLXXVI.  Initiation into Witchcraft.239
CLXXVII.  Witchcraft.241
CLXXVIII.  Witch Stories.241
CLXXIX.  Witch Stories.243
CLXXX.  Witch Stories.243
CLXXXI.  The Two Witches.244
CLXXXII.  The Sister-in-Law Who Was a Witch.246
CLXXXIII.  Ramjit Bonga.248
CLXXXIV.  The Herd Boy and the Witches.250
CLXXXV.  The Man-Tiger.250
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