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429 words, approx. 2 pages
Leonardo Da Vinci Italian Painter, Scientist, and Mathematician 1452–1519 Leonardo da Vinci was born in the Italian town of Vinci. As a young boy, he showed a talent for painting. When he was 2... Read more
102 words, approx. 1 pages
Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519 Italian artist and scientist whose insatiable curiosity and artistic and scientific imagination exemplify the genius of Renaissance humanism. Although primarily remembered ... Read more
802 words, approx. 3 pages
Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519 Italian Painter and Inventor Leonardo da Vinci was the quintessential figure of the Italian Renaissance, and one of the most versatile geniuses who ever lived. His artistic... Read more
675 words, approx. 3 pages
Vinci, Leonardo Da (1452-1519) Italian scientist and artist A true Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci was a painter, inventor, scientist, architect, engineer, mathematician, astronomer, and philosophe... Read more
1,153 words, approx. 4 pages
Leonardo Da Vinci(1452–1519) Leonardo da Vinci, the Florentine artist, scientist, and inventor, was born at Vinci in Tuscany, the natural son of a notary, and died near Amboise, France. At his ... Read more
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