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Impulse Summary
Ellen Hopkins

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Impulse Summary

Plot Summary

"Impulse" is a free verse novel by Ellen Hopkins and focuses on the recovery and second chance of three suicidal teenagers to make their lives right. The novel begins with Conner being admitted to Aspen Springs, a recovery hospital. Conner has attempted suicide following his breakup with his girlfriend, Emily. Tony and Vanessa are two teenagers already in residence at Aspen Springs. Tony attempted suicide by overdosing on Valium after the death of someone named Phillip; and Vanessa has attempted suicide by cutting her wrists following a breakup with her boyfriend. Vanessa also secretly worries that she may have inherited her mother's psychotic tendencies.

Over the following weeks, the three teenagers become friends with one another and they learn more about each other. Apart from the breakup with Emily, Conner's pain comes from his parents who are perfectionists and who expect nothing less than perfection from Conner. Conner...

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