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If the Witness Lied Summary
Caroline B. Cooney

Everything you need to understand or teach If the Witness Lied by Caroline B. Cooney.

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If the Witness Lied Summary

Plot Summary

If the Witnessed Lied is a novel by the best-selling author of The Face on the Milk Carton, Caroline B. Cooney. The story follows the Fountain children in the aftermath of their mother's death and then their father's death, both within a few years of each other. The two boys, Jack and Tris, live in the Fountain home with their mother's step-sister, Aunt Cheryl. Smithy, the youngest girl, is away at boarding school. Madison, the oldest and the oldest girl lives with her godparents.

As the novel and the story unfolds, the Fountain children reunite. Putting various clues together, they come to the conclusion that their Aunt Cheryl is actually responsible for their father's death and not their baby brother, Tris, who was accused of the murder.

In addition, the Fountain children unite to protect their baby brother, Tris, from being exploited in a docudrama their aunt has...

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