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Factotum Summary
Charles Bukowski

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Factotum Summary

Plot Summary

Factotum by Charles Bukowski has Henry Chinaski telling the story of how, in a perennial alcoholic fog, he drifts from city to city, trying and discarding jobs and women.

Henry Chinaski arrives in New Orleans, depressed, hoping a new city will make a difference. This is unlikely, as Henry likes his wine, dislikes the humdrum existence of a paying job and drifts along mildly suicidal and solitary. He quickly goes through a job and catches a westbound train as part of a section gang. He abandons that job during a stopover in his hometown, Los Angeles. Life with his parents instantly goes bad as he goes drinking and lands in jail. Henry moves to a rooming house, where a prostitute viciously rapes him. Henry escapes to New York City, which he hates intensely. He quits one job and another that exhausts him physically, and moves to Philadelphia. There...

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