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Terry Brooks
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The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks is a fantasy novel that follows a group of people brought together to retrieve the magical Sword of Shannara, which is the only weapon that can defeat Brona, the evil Warlock Lord. The only person who can wield the Sword is Shea, who does not even believe the tales about Brona. When his family is threatened, Shea reluctantly joins the quest to find the Sword and destroy Brona.

The location is a world where science destroyed the landscape in a horrific holocaust and mutated the remaining people and creatures. Now, there are multiple races, named after mythical creatures of the past such as Elves, Dwarfs, Trolls, and Gnomes. The land is ruled by magic instead of science and only a few people called Druids still have a limited knowledge of science.

There are four main lands: the Westland where the Elves live; the forests of Eastland where the Dwarfs live; the Southland where humans isolate themselves into small communities; and the Northland where the Trolls, Gnomes, and creatures called Skull Bearers live and serve the antagonist Brona.

The protagonist Shea is a half-elven, half-human who lives in the Shady Vale in the Southlands with his adopted human brother Flick. Their lives change when a mysterious stranger visits and tells Shea he is the last descendant of the famous Elven King, Jerle Shannara and the only person who can use the Sword of Shannara.

The stranger is called Allanon and is the last remaining Druid besides Brona and a great power in his own right. Allanon unexpectedly leaves when he learns his and the Sword's home called Paranor is captured by Brona. Shea and Flick flee the Vale when the Skull Bearers threaten their family. They go to the home of Shea's friend, Menion Leah who is the Prince of the highland city of Leah. Menion Leah is thrilled to go on a new adventure as he is not ready to take on the responsibilities of learning to rule. Meanwhile, Allanon puts together a group of people from the different races to reclaim the sword and fight Brona. The group consists of two elven brothers, Durin and Dayel, a dwarf named Hendel, Balinor, Prince of Callahorn and leader of the Border Legion and of course, Shea, Flick, Menion Leah and Allanon.

Along the way the group grows very close and works together to save the four lands. Even when the group separates, they worry about all members of the group. Flick and Allanon search for the missing Shea and end up rescuing the Elf King Eventine. Durin, Dayel, Balinor, Hendel, and Menion fight the armies of Brona with the help of the Border Legion in Balinor's home of Tyrsis. Shea is captured by Gnomes and rescued by a thief named Panamon Creel and a Rock Troll named Keltset who ultimately help Shea sneak into the Warlock Lord's home, the Skull Kingdom. There Shea draws the Sword of Shannara and defeats Brona.

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This section contains 501 words
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