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I believe that they protect criminals and law abiding citizens 50% to 50%. There are many criminals AND wrongly accused, due to the fact that the world is corrupted and often uses the law system to attack each other.
The intention of those who drafted the ammendments were to guarrantee fair treatment of persons accused of crimes not necessarily protecting them.Provision of an attorney and allowing you to speak as may be necessary sometimes protects from one unecessary verbose garbage that could implicate one even when he is innocent.Biblical example of the man who came from the philistine war front who saw king saul being killed by the enemies in battle.He told David that, he had killed king saul peharps to earn a promotion but in actual fact he didnot kill saul.David killed him in a case of misacrried justice on an innocent man.So if eventually one is proved guilty according to the law,the ammendments do not guarantee any protection.The problem lies in sophisticated crime investigation and aduccement of enough credible evidence to convict criminals.In our world of today the agencies for crime fighting like the Police, FBI, etc, responsible for that are constantly devising new ways to gather actionable information on crime and with our cooperation at least the society could be safe.No society is crime free but we do have safe societies.