Where the Lilies Bloom

How does Mary Call think critically and creatively and problem solve to strive for excellence. (textual evidence)?

How does she academically strive

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Mary Call Luther understand the importance of education and is determined to overcome the perceptions that others have of ignorant, violent, poor mountain people. She sees a future for herself far from Trial Valley, and she knows that in order to escape her present, she will need to study hard and get a good education. Mary Call is respectful, inquisitive, and willing to ask questions. She also becomes angry with herself when situations occur that she doesn;t know how to handle..... simply because she is unaware of the facts. She also learns the important fact that sometimes it is just as important to accept help, as it is to be independent.

"You don't thank people who set you in bondage and hold you there year after wretched year. You hate them. And if it isn't in you to hate, as it had never been in Roy Luther, then you do second best; you pick up and get out. And if that isn't possible you start making plans to make it so. Do something. Do anything. But don't just stand there and let people beat on you and then thank them for doing it."

Being mean and ugly pleasures me more than anything I can think of. Opposite to what you think, I'm glad I'm not sweet and pretty like you. It takes time to be sweet and pretty and I haven't got any to spare. I'm too busy seeing to it that you and those other two up there don't starve to death and don't freeze to death and that the county people don't come and haul you away."


Where the Lilies Bloom