Did the three protagonists bring justice to Behala and if so how?

Do you think that justice was bought to Behala by the three boys?

How did they do it? Was this due to their chatachteristics of determination, teamwork and loyalty?

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Father Julliard and Olivia Weston try to create a better life for the poor children, but their efforts are mitigated by the depth of corruption. The system is set in such a way, and social mobility so restricted, that despite having the power of a foreign charity behind them, they are unable to improve the lives of the Behala children. Father Julliard’s resigned confession points to his understanding of the system, as he understands the limited impact someone like him could possibly have. Olivia is manipulated into helping the children since she can open doors as an outsider, but her effectiveness is limited, as even she cannot the system of bribes and corruption that are endemic in this society.