The Wall Jumper

How does Peter Schneider use imagery in The Wall Jumper: A Novel?

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Examples of Imagery:

"By comparison, the state to the West, which claimed to be a society, seemed to be far more violent and powerful, invisible but omnipresent. It had crept in through the cracks in apartment doors, crept into the heads of inhabitants; it stared at us from bookshelves, stood beside our beds, and filled our dreams with policemen who pursued us." pg. 41

"The dog begins barking, and the officer has a hard time controlling his jolt of fright. The stiff collar of his uniform digs a white furrow into his neck; the furrow quickly fills with blood as the officer leans forward and barks back at the dog through the microphone. The tenfold amplification drives the dog to wilder barking." pg. 107


The Wall Jumper: A Novel