The Romance of the Forest

What is the author's style in The Romance of the Forest by Ann Ward Radcliffe?

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This novel is told in the third person, omniscient point of view. Although the writer gives insight into the thoughts and actions of some of the other characters, the action of the novel centers on Adeline. Since the major story line of the novel deals with the Adeline's suffering and her transformation to a rich heiress, it is imperative that the action stay closely focused on Adeline. Only in the last third of the novel, when the court appearance of La Motte and the Marquis determine the way in which Adeline's story is completed, does the focus shift from Adeline to these other characters.

The majority of the story is told through exposition with only patches of dialogue. Instead of recording what each character said to another verbatim, the author is more interested in getting the main point of the conversation across to the reader. Therefore, large portions of the story are told in a way that describes the conversations instead of replicating them.