The Girl Who Owned a City

some reasons lisa gives for defending her statement

chapter 11 and 12

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Jill asks Lisa why she says she owns the city. Lisa says she has a right to what she found, supplied, and runs. Without her, no one would be in charge. If they were a sharing group, the group would own her. Jill talks about cities that were just getting started at the time of the plague that were owned by private individuals, and she says they worked well. Even a country, the Republic of Minerva, was being built that way. Lisa insists she needs the freedom to run her city as she sees fit. She writes a constitution where the city is her property. Others are free to leave but cannot be in debt when they leave. Offensive violence is prohibited. Everyone signs it. On January 16, the city bursts to life with celebration, and they raise a yellow and orange flag.