Tangerine: A Novel

What happens in tangerine, September 9th later by Edward Bloor

A chapter in the book plz help

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Coach Walski gives Joey tickets for the carnival. Paul’s mom drives Paul and Joey to the carnival. The carnival is in the town of Tangerine, and Paul is fascinated because he’s never seen the actual town. They’ve only gone to malls and housing developments. It looks pretty run-down, and so does the carnival. Outside of the carnival they see some kids playing with a soccer ball. They look pretty good. Paul stares, and the kids tell Paul to give him his ticket. Joey tells Paul that the kids might be in a gang. Joey and Paul hurry inside. They see the other kids. Paul is happy to see Kerri, but she doesn’t seem to notice him. She’s hanging around with a guy named Adam. They all go into the freak show together. Paul feels lonely. He loses his friends. On his way out of the freak show he sees the boys with soccer ball. When Paul’s mom picks them up later, they see the boys again. This time they’re riding in the open back of a truck. Paul’s mom remarks how dangerous that is.