Modern Lovers

What is the importance of the song, Mistress of Myself, in the novel, Modern Lovers?


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Mistress of Myself is a punk rock song which symbolizes female empowerment and the past. Inspired by Jane Austen, Elizabeth writes the lyrics. She wants women to be able to control their own lives. The song's music was written by the rest of Kitty’s Mustache. Mistress of Myself becomes the group's best-known song. Years later, the song is made globally famous by Lydia when she receives the okay to be allowed to rerecord and perform it.

In the present day, Naomi wants the rights to the song to film a movie about Lydia. This causes Elizabeth, Zoe, and Andrew to reflect on the past. Andrew, ironically, becomes the man who holds up the song and movie about female empowerment.


Modern Lovers