What is the setting in the novel, Incarceron?


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There are two settings seen in the story. Both are fictional worlds. There is a lot of technology in the story and the outside world has put its people back in a time of kings and queens. In this world the poor are forced to work farms, or be servants. The wealthy and powerful are allowed luxuries, such as washing machines, but they are not spoken of. It is widely believed that this keeps the people under control. This is the setting that Claudia lives in and the world that Finn and the others in Incarceron wish to escape to.

Incarceron is the other setting seen in the story. While this world is looked for by Claudia for some time it is eventually discovered that it is not truly a place that can be found. It was created by using state of the art technology and making everyone and everything exceedingly tiny. Incarceron fits onto a small square on the end of a pocketwatch and holds untold number of human lives. It is because of the power needed to transport a person to and from Incarceron that the Warden explains the people cannot be freed from this prison in mass.

The prison itself is controlled by an artificial intelligence. The prison speaks to the prisoners at various times and does not want to let anyone go, and seems to derive some sort of pleasure from causing human's pain. The prison follows the human's every movement with a glowing red eye, and every moment of their lives is written down in a ledger. The key that is used to transport between Incarceron and the outer world blocks the prison's tracking systems. The Warden explains at one point in time that the computer has not obeyed for years.