What is the author's style in Art by Yasmina Reza?

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The play is written from several points of view. Since it is a script, the playwright has a voice in what is happening. The stage notes describe the setting of each apartment and interject the way in which particular lines are delivered. While some plays are heavy with notes from the playwright, Yasmina Reza keeps her own commentary to a minimum. She gives readers just enough information to be able to envision the scene but does not overly explain any of the settings, characters or actions.

Sections of the play are also written from the point of view of each of the main three characters. At least twice, Serge, Marc and Yvan address the audience directly and provide insight on how they are really feeling, despite what the dialogue may say. These asides help the audience understand the true motives of the characters and what feelings they are hiding during the dialogue. In a way, the audience serves as a neutral sounding board for the characters who confide in it.