Truman Test | Final Test - Easy

David McCullough
This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately 130 pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.
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Truman Test | Final Test - Easy

David McCullough
This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately 130 pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the Turnip Congress? .
(a) A special committee that turned up important information
(b) A session of congress where dissidents threw turnips at the congressmen
(c) The special congressional session called by Truman during the time of Missouri's Turnip Day
(d) A session of congress where only bills concerning turnips were discussed

2. Why was it so important to create an Atomic Energy Commission?
(a) To prevent spies from access to the secrets
(b) To provide civilian, not military, control of this new awesome power
(c) To have a method of channeling funding to the project
(d) To make Truman look good

3. What was Barkley's "prop-stop" campaign?
(a) It refers to the time in his campaign when his plane's propellor fell off
(b) Barkley's habit of propping himself against a bar to deliver speeches
(c) A trip the VP candidate took by airplane that was similar to the railway tour the President was making.
(d) The propellor pin he wore on his suit lapel during the campaign

4. Who is Truman's first choice for his replacement as President?
(a) Strom Thurmand
(b) Henry Wallace
(c) Joe McCarthy
(d) Dwight D. Eisenhower

5. Where does the only meeting in history of Truman and MacArthur take place?
(a) Washington DC
(b) Potsdam
(c) Wake Island
(d) New Mexico

6. What was a whistle-stop?
(a) Term used to describe Truman's style of campaigning by stopping his Presidential train in every small town along the way so he could meet the American people.
(b) The term used to call for a taxi while standing on the sidewalk
(c) A street corner
(d) A method used to veto a bill

7. Where was the American's atom bomb tested?
(a) Bikini Atoll
(b) New Mexico
(c) California
(d) Washington DC

8. How did the leaders entertain each other in the evenings of the conference?
(a) Dancing with the town women
(b) Watching football on televsion
(c) Listening to baseball games on the radio
(d) Dinners and musical entertainment

9. What career is Margaret Truman pursuing?
(a) Lab Technician
(b) Acting
(c) Computer Science
(d) Singing

10. How old was Truman when he passed away?
(a) 88
(b) 55
(c) 35
(d) 103

11. How much did the White House renovation cost?
(a) 5.8 million dollars
(b) Nothing - all work was donated
(c) 1 million dollars
(d) 300,000

12. Who in the government has the final say regarding military matters?
(a) Secretary of State
(b) The President
(c) Supreme Commander of the Forces
(d) The Vice President

13. How did Truman's personal staff feel about him?
(a) They disliked him intensely
(b) They feared him
(c) They admired and respected him
(d) They thought he was boring

14. When dividing up Germany, what geographical descriptions did the Potsdam Conference use?
(a) Hitler's plan for domination
(b) The conquered lands of Germany
(c) Magellan's original docments
(d) The Germany of 1937

15. Why doesn't the military deploy more divisions in North Korea?
(a) The Allies won't allow it
(b) Truman does not think it is necessary
(c) Without depleting the European military presence, there are no more divisions.
(d) MacArthur refuses to allow it

Short Answer Questions

1. How many months had Truman been President before both Germany and Japan surrendered?

2. What condition of the White House was hidden from the Press until after the election?

3. Who was the leader of the Progressive Party who was in competition with the Democrats and Republicans in the 1948 election?

4. When the U.S. and South Korean Army pushes the North Korean/Chinese back to the 38th parallel, what decision is made about the next step?

5. What happened to the President's normal work when he was on the campaign trail?

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