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O.T. Nelson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lisa take a wicker basket with her?
(a) To carry tools in.
(b) To carry clothes in.
(c) To sleep in if she has to spend the night away.
(d) In case she finds a chicken.

2. What is the first promise Lisa asks Craig to make in chapter six?
(a) That he won't tell anyone where they're getting supplies.
(b) That he'll show her how to grow food.
(c) That he'll help her fight the gangs.
(d) That he'll leave the city with her.

3. Who makes up the song about Grandville?
(a) Julie.
(b) Lisa.
(c) Todd.
(d) Erika.

4. How long does it take Lisa and Todd to load the supplies into the car?
(a) Five hours.
(b) All night.
(c) Two hours.
(d) Thirty minutes.

5. What do Todd and Lisa's signs warn trespassers will happen?
(a) They'll be stabbed.
(b) They'll be killed.
(c) They'll be slaughtered.
(d) They'll be shot.

6. What is the second promise Lisa asks Craig to make in chapter six?
(a) That he'll teach Todd to fish.
(b) That he won't join a gang.
(c) That he'll let Erika stay with them in the daytime.
(d) That he'll take care of Todd if he ever needs help.

7. One of the suggestions is to have Tom Logan's gang fight off the Chidester Gang. How is it suggested that they get Tom Logan on their side?
(a) By promising to take him with them when they leave town.
(b) By joining his gang.
(c) By giving him money.
(d) By giving his gang food.

8. What does Lisa realize will be a constant problem?
(a) Finding food.
(b) Finding a safer place to sleep at night.
(c) Keeping others out of the house.
(d) Figuring out how to get the water running again.

9. What is the alarm sound for the Harris house?
(a) A tuba.
(b) A hammer beating a barrel.
(c) A duck call.
(d) An old bell.

10. Why does Lisa drive to the back of the building rather than stopping out front?
(a) She can't find a safe place to park.
(b) She wants to make it easier to load supplies.
(c) She can't find the road to the front of the building.
(d) She doesn't want to give the gangs the idea of searching the warehouse.

11. Who decorates the Christmas tree at the campfire?
(a) Steven and Logan.
(b) Julie and Charlie.
(c) Katy and Todd.
(d) Craig and Erika.

12. What is Craig's idea for providing food?
(a) To hunt.
(b) To find a farm.
(c) To fish.
(d) To grow it themselves.

13. What is the sound Lisa rigs up to be an alarm in case of intruders?
(a) A car horn blowing.
(b) The blowing of a trumped.
(c) A dog howling.
(d) Tin cans falling.

14. What tool do they use to get through the window and into the warehouse?
(a) A hammer.
(b) A screwdriver.
(c) A wrench.
(d) A hacksaw.

15. What kind of injuries does Todd have when Lisa gets home with the second load of supplies?
(a) A broken arm.
(b) A cracked rib.
(c) A cut above his eye.
(d) A bloody lip and some bruises.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Craig?

2. What does Lisa say would be the signal if the gangs attacked her house?

3. What is written on the outside of the sealed letter Lisa finds on a desk?

4. What kind of notebook does Lisa study before her meeting with the neighborhood children?

5. In Lisa's story, what is the idea the little boy has to make their lives better?

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