The Black Ice Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Michael Connelly
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Essay Topic 1

This novel is representative of a genre of literature that shares certain conventions. Identify at least 4 mystery genre conventions and describe the ways in which this text does or does not conform to these conventions. Be sure to use explicit textual evidence to support your claims and definitions.

Essay Topic 2

Point of view technique mediates the flow of information between author and reader. Write an essay that analyzes the point of view of this novel. Offer detailed descriptions of how the narrative voice actually tells the story. Finally, critique the point of view by offering your analytical opinion about how it enhanced (or did not enhance) the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Every novel takes place somewhere, and the strongest novels have settings that thematically resonate with the other fictional elements, including plot, character, language, etc. Choose at least one of the settings (geographical, physical, chronological, etc.) and...

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