Separation of Power Test | Final Test - Easy

Vince Flynn
This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately 169 pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.

Separation of Power Test | Final Test - Easy

Vince Flynn
This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately 169 pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Rudin angry when he shows up at Hank Clark's office in Chapter Forty-Three?
(a) He thinks Clark owes him money.
(b) He thinks Clark gave him false information.
(c) He thinks Clark should have gone on television with him.
(d) He thinks Clark should have been tougher on Irene Kennedy.

2. Who chairs the committee before which Irene Kennedy is going to appear?
(a) Hank Clark.
(b) President Hayes.
(c) Senator Jentworth.
(d) Albert Ruddin.

3. What does the Israeli Prime Minister do once it's clear the Orion Team's mission has been a success?
(a) Declares war on Iraq.
(b) Thanks Ben Freidman for arranging the event.
(c) Takes credit for the mission.
(d) Thanks the President and America for being a great ally.

4. When Mitch walks into their room with the wounded Donatella in his arms, what does Anna initially think is wrong with Donatella?
(a) That she's fainted.
(b) That she's drunk.
(c) That she's got an injured leg.
(d) That she's dead.

5. What does Rudin tell Clark in Chapter Forty-Three that he wants to befall Irene Kennedy?
(a) He wants her assassinated.
(b) He wants her demoted.
(c) He wants her ruined politically.
(d) He wants her to go to jail.

6. What does Rudin accuse Irene Kennedy of during his television appearance?
(a) Embezzlement.
(b) Committing perjury.
(c) Incompetence.
(d) Nepotism.

7. What message does the person who approaches Anna during dinner at Leo's give Anna?
(a) A phone message from her mother.
(b) Her boss wants her to get a story while she's in Milan.
(c) Irene Kennedy wants Anna back in the U.S. at once.
(d) Mitch wants a second chance with her.

8. From what room in the White House do the President and his advisers track the progress of the Orion Team in Iraq?
(a) The Oval Office.
(b) The First Lady's Sitting Room.
(c) The Presidential Library.
(d) The Situation Room.

9. What reason does the President give during his press conference for the Baghdad mission being Mitch's last mission?
(a) Mitch is switching from field work to a desk job at the CIA.
(b) Mitch is leaving the country to move to Israel.
(c) Rudin's televising of Mitch's photo has blown Mitch's cover.
(d) Mitch is leaving the CIA.

10. What does Kennedy suggest the President ask the FBI to do about Rudin?
(a) Arrest him.
(b) Break into his house and take back the file he has.
(c) Put him under twenty-four hour a day surveillance.
(d) File false criminal charges against him.

11. What does Kennedy plan to do to Rudin because of his leak of top secret information on national television?
(a) Ruin his career.
(b) Bribe him.
(c) Assassinate him.
(d) Enlist him in the CIA.

12. At the end of Chapter Forty-Two, how many F-111's does the U.S. send on the Orion Team's mission?
(a) Eight.
(b) Five.
(c) Three.
(d) Two.

13. What does Mitch feed Donatella from his hotel room's mini bar when he fears she's going into shock?
(a) Chocolates and brandy.
(b) Truffles and wine.
(c) Peanuts and Champagne.
(d) Bottled water and cookies.

14. What does Brown give Steveken at the end of Chapter Thirty-Two to give to Congressman Rudin?
(a) A photo.
(b) A videotape.
(c) A CD.
(d) A sealed envelope.

15. At the end of Chapter Fifty, how does Mitch get Ben Freidman to reveal the information he's been keeping secret?
(a) He has Donatella persuade Freidman.
(b) He has the Israeli Prime Minister order Freidman to talk.
(c) He shoots Freidman.
(d) He has the FBI arrest Freidman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Ben Freidman say hired him to kill Peter Cameron?

2. At the beginning of Chapter Thirty-One, what is Anna upset about not receiving from Mitch?

3. Where does Mitch take Donatella in Chapter Twenty-Seven to wait for a doctor?

4. What lie does Steveken tell Rudin when they meet at the end of Chapter Thirty-Five?

5. Who does the President tell the Prime Minister he would like to see again?

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