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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


Joshua Slocum is the main character in "Sailing Alone Around the World." Learn about Slocum, his character, education, skills, desires, and various voyages.


1. Discuss Joshua Slocum. Where was he born? When? Who were his parents? What were their professions? How many children were there in the Slocum family? Where did Joshua fall in the line of children? Was the family rich, poor, or middle class? What was the atmosphere of the home? What types of things did Joshua like to do as a boy? What were Joshua's interests? How might Joshua be different if he had been born in the United States? What might Joshua be like if he had been born during the current generation? Explain.

2. Write a 500 word essay on the relationship between the Slocum men: Joshua, John, and John's father. What are the biggest similarities? How did the men relate? Were there...

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