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This place is now called Sri Lanka.


This is a city where Michael traveled early in the book.


This was where Michael's family lived.

Rock Hill

This was a place where chickens were raised.

Palm Lodge

This was where the Graetiens lived.


These were places were travelers could stay.

The Train

A drunken binge caused Mervyn to be banned from using this.

The Ceylon Light Infantry

This was a military group.

Ceylon Animals

These infested or surrounded houses.


This is a type of alcoholism.


This was Mervyn's favorite beverage.

Ondaatje History

In Ceylon, Michael spends time studying this subject, which dates back to the seventeenth century.

Tea Country

This was where Doris and Mervyn lived when they first married.

The Monsoon

This is a time of seasonal rains.

Michael's Parents' Postcard

This was the only picture Michael had of his parents together...

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