Iceberg Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who is on patrol in the beginning of the book and what do they find?

A Coast Guard plane on standard iceberg patrol detects something very unusual in one of the icebergs below. As the crew flies down for a closer look, they discover a burned out ship entombed in an iceberg.

2. What do the people in Question #1 do about their find? Who sees them do this?

They drop a red dye flare on the iceberg to mark its position and radio in the find to their headquarters. As they fly away, two unidentified men in white snowsuits watch the plane depart, then radio an unknown source.

3. Who is Lee Koski and what is he watching on his deck during a storm?

Lt. Commander Lee Koski, Commander of Coast Guard Cutter Catawaba is watching an extremely skilled helicopter pilot land on his deck in a severe storm.

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