Black Dog of Fate: A Memoir Character Descriptions

Peter Balakian
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Peter Balakian

This Armenian-American lived in suburban New Jersey and did not truly understand the Armenian experience as a child.

Nafina (Shekerimedjian) (Chilinguirian) Aroosian

This Armenian was quiet about the genocide, but occasionally recited fairy tales and legends of Armenian tradition.

Gladys (Zivart) Aroosian

This unmarried Armenian-American worked on Wall Street and was highly religious.

Lucille Aroosian

This Armenian-American was born after the genocide, but provided the author with key clues about the family.

Arax (Aroosian) Balakian

This Armenian-American grew up without any discussions of the genocide and centered family life on Armenian food.

Anna (Anahid) Balakian

This Armenian-American objected to the American suburban lifestyle and wrote several books on surrealism and French poetry.

Alice (Arshalous) Aroosian

This person witnessed the death of a father during the genocide, but was young enough to remember.

Gerard Balakian

This person was a doctor who remembered little of the genocide.

Diran Balakian

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