Bad Feminist Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Roxane Gay
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Essay Topic 1

Write an essay explaining how the author uses the characters of Ruth (from the novel Green Girl) and Maria (from the novel Play It as It Lays) to strengthen her argument of the juxtaposed performance that women play in novels and in society. Use the quote, "She wants to lose herself as much as she wants to find herself" to explore this idea.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay explaining the author's perspective on "likability" as it relates to women and feminism. Include examples from the text that best support this concept.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay explaining the significance of the title of the book. How does the title support Gay's theme of feminism and overall narrative tone?

Essay Topic 4

Write an essay arguing which of the essays contains the most literary merit. Describe the essay and explain what literary aspects deem the essay excellent.

Essay Topic 5

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