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How to Not Hate English

If you hate English, then you probably love math or science. It's wonderful that you have found what you do like and more specifically, what you don't like. However, English is a necessary evil not only in school and academia, but in life. You don't have to like literature, but you do have to know grammar. Like all subjects, there are ways to get around the subjects you despise. And, although English is such a large and all-encompassing subject, we are here to give you tips on how not to hate English.

Before we give you tips on how not to hate English, it is important to realize that English coursework is often divided into various groups. You can study English literature (or American literature written in the English language), you can study composition and writing, speech, communications, or creative writing.

Tips for not hating English:

  • Books: While you may hate to read, there will always be a few books out there that you love and have always loved. When you are in literature classes, find a few books that have impacted you and recall those. Literature can be fun and exciting and can take you to other worlds. Concentrate on the entertaining element of books when stuck in a literature class that you hate.
  • Study Guides: If you absolutely abhor reading and would rather do anything than read a book for class, fortunately today's academic society has provided you with study guides. BookRags.com even offers hundreds of summaries and study guides for the classic works of literature. These will help you get through the difficult English literature classes you need to take.
  • Course Selection: Like in math and science, English classes will come in various formats. You can select the one less likely to make you hate the subject in your course registrar. Sometimes English classes cross over with classes in other fields. If you like a field similar to English, but not English itself, then in college you can take one of those classes to satisfy your English requirement.
  • Writing Tutors: You will have to write numerous essays in English classes. This idea might terrify you to the point of avoiding and hating English altogether. Remember, there are always people out there designed to help people like you. Visit your school's writing center or visit BookRags.com's Essay Editing Service for help with your essays. Our editors are trained to help you improve your writing and consequently help you not hate English so much. If you know how to write and excel in English classes, you probably won't hate English all that much anymore.

Now that you have ways to avoid hating the subject of English in school, here are some reasons that you must overcome your fear and hatred of English.

  • It is your native tongue (most likely) and the national language of the United States of America.
  • It is becoming the international language of business and commerce. Most people around the world speak English for transactions and education, for it is the most common language. If you have any desire to become a business man, you will need to speak proper English.
  • For any professional field, you must speak correctly and write correctly. No employer wants to hire someone with incorrect grammar or poor writing skills.