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How to Use a Bibliography/Works Cited in an Essay

Your Bibliography or Works Cited page should come at the end of your essay. It is a listing of all sources used in the essay — both in quotation and in reference form — and should be written according to a specific style.

  • When you have completed the text of your essay, begin a new page. The Bibliography should always begin on a new page of your document.
  • Use and list every single source you have used in the writing and researching of your essay. List a book, article, or website even if it is not quoted within the essay. If you used it for any content or analysis, it should be cited.
  • The works should be cited alphabetically according to author.
  • Always indent the second line of the citation.
  • If there is no author, then you should use the title of the word as the first word in the bibliographical listing.
  • See the example below for style:
  • Doe, John. "How to Write a Bibliography: The Ins and Outs of Term Paper Writing." BookRags' Guide to Writing. BookRags, Inc.: Boston, 2003.

Many teachers choose different style for bibliographies, so it is important to verify the particular style preferred by your teacher prior to turning in your essay. The aforementioned example is the most common style of bibliographies (giving an example of a chapter article from a book).