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Xenophon 431?-354? B.C. Greek Soldier and Historian Xenophon is best known for writing the Anabasis. It recounts the details of Cyrus the Younger's (423?-401 B.C.) Persian campaign and the role... Read more
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Xenophon [addendum] The central concern regarding Xenophon since the mid-1960s has been his place in the so-called Socratic problem, the question of to what extent our knowledge of the historical Socr... Read more
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Xenophon(C. 430 Bce–C. 350 Bce) Xenophon was an Athenian citizen, soldier, gentleman-farmer, historian, and author of many varied and often graceful prose works. When young he knew Socrates, wh... Read more
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Xenophon Born c. 431 B.C., Athens, Greece Died c. 352 B.C., Corinth, Greece Xenophon led a Greek army on a harrowing retreat across Asia Minor, then wrote a vivid account of the event that is still ... Read more