Spoonbenders Summary
Daryl Gregory

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Spoonbenders Overview

Spoonbenders is a novel by Daryl Gregory. the story follows the Telemachus family, led by Teddy Telemachus, a charming con man, as the family struggles to redefine their identity. Decades after their time in show business, the Telemachuses are struggling to hold down steady jobs and serious relationships. In addition, the CIA becomes interested in the family, hoping they still have their once impressive talents. The youngest family member, Matty Telemachus has begun to exhibit special powers, but he attempts to keep them hidden in order to help hold his family together. Daryl Gregory expounds upon his imaginative abilities to tell the family's incredible story, showing the depths of family bonds which bind together unique people through all experiences. The nvoel explores themes of nostalgia, hope, abandonment, emotional dependency, and innocence.