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H-Bomb, Decision to Build The 1950 decision to build a hydrogen bomb involved the consideration of U.S. strategic, scientific, and moral concerns in light of the growing threat from the Soviet Union. ... Read more
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Nuclear Weaponry Overview Humans have warred against one another since the being of time. Until recently, this tendency to wage war endangered hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people, but neve... Read more
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The New Atomic Industry The war mobilization effort included the creation of an industry to produce atomic bombs. To develop the atomic bomb many new facilities, including three new cities, were built... Read more
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The Bomb For many observers, "Living with the Bomb" has become the evocative phrase to describe life in twentieth-century America. The cultural fallout from this technological innovation... Read more
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Atomic Bomb The invention of the atomic bomb was an historical inevitability. The scientific discovery necessary for construction of such a bomb occurred just as World War II was about to begin. It se... Read more
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Hydrogen Bomb Even as work on the first atomic bomb was going ahead, some scientists were thinking about an even more powerful weapon, the hydrogen, or fusion bomb. As far back as the 1920s, scientist... Read more
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Atomic Bomb An atomic bomb is a weapon of mass destruction which uses nuclear fission to produce vast amounts of energy. Its basic principle is assembling a critical mass of a radioactive element with... Read more
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Nuclear Weapons The first nuclear explosion on earth occured on July 16, 1945, in Alamagordo, New Mexico, as part of a test for the Manhattan project initiated by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. ... Read more
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Nuclear Weapons There are two types of nuclear weapons, each of which utilizes a different nuclear reaction: nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. The bomb developed by the Manhattan Project and dropp... Read more
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Atomic Bomb The mushroom-shaped cloud associated with the above-ground detonation of an atomic bomb is one of the most defining images and represents one of the most challenging moral imperatives to a... Read more
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Early Discoveries The Discovery of Fission European Scientists Flee to America Einstein’s Letter to Roosevelt Creation of the Manhattan Project The First Atomic Pile Manufacturing Fuel for the Bomb... Read more