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Janesville Overview

Amy Goldstein's book, Janesville: An American Story, follows the lives of several residents of Janesville after General Motors announced the closure of the Janesville plant. The company was the largest employer in the town. It offered the best pay and benefits. Those who lost the high-paying jobs were forced to make critical life-changing decisions, some moving away and others making lengthy commutes to other GM factories to get in the 30 years required to earn a pension. Others took buyouts or simply turned to other jobs, often at lower pay. This meant that families had to change their lifestyles. While the factory directly affected more than 7,000 workers, the effects rippled down into other aspects of life in the town. Years later most would say Janesville had not recovered. The true story addresses the role of GM in Janesville, the ripple effects of the closure, and the importance of tradition.

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