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New Machine Tools Are a Catalyst for the Industrial Revolution Overview Machine tools were the instruments of industrialization. They enabled the first capitalists to mass-produce inexpensive, quality... Read more
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Key Inventions in the Textile Industry Help Usher in the Industrial Revolution Overview While there is some debate over exactly when the Industrial Revolution's opening salvos were fired, there... Read more
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Industrial Revolution The concept of an industrial revolution denotes an economic transition in which the means of production become increasingly specialized, mechanized, and organized. This process u... Read more
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Industrialism Takes Root in the United States At the time of the American Revolution (1775–83; the American colonists' fight for independence from England) the earliest elements of anoth... Read more
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The Machine Makers A period of rapid advances in technology started soon after the United States gained its independence in 1783 and continued through the mid-nineteenth century. It was driven by a re... Read more
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Workers in the Industrial Age During the last three decades of the nineteenth century, the majority of Americans became wage earners, people who worked for someone other than themselves. This was a fi... Read more
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The Effects of Industrialism on Farming and Ranching in the West Industrialization took on a variety of forms throughout the United States in the second half of the nineteenth century. While factories... Read more
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Industrialism in the Twentieth Century The scale of industrial enterprises in the United States increased during the early years of the twentieth century, making the American workplace very different ... Read more