In the Last Analysis Summary
Carolyn Gold Heilbrun

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In the Last Analysis Summary

The major themes of In the Last Analysis are human loyalty and integrity. Not only does Kate Fansler risk her reputa don and hence her career in order to prove her friend Emanuel's innocence, but others in the novel demonstrate the same level of commitment to other people. Reed Amhearst owes Kate a favor, which he repays richly with his assistance in this case. The real Michael Barrister provided financial support for years to an elderly woman who had cared for his grandparents. Kate, Reed, and the accused Emanuel Bauer and his wife, Nicola, are all presented as people who adhere to principles of honesty and decency. On the other hand, the man who pretends to be Michael Barrister kills the one person who could challenge his identity. At the level, then, of both characterization and plot, Heilbrun draws a sharp contrast between the principled and the unprincipled...

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