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The four factors that influenced Rome's control over the Mediterranean Sea were leadership/government, overall attitude, military, and location. Each of these factors has a number of aspects to ascer... Read more
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1. Introduction In `Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire', Edward Gibbon wrote, `[that] if a man were called upon to fix the period in the history of the world when the condition of the human race wa... Read more
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The roman republic came into existence at the termination of the Roman kingship in 507 B.C.E. The last king of Rome, Tarquin the Proud, was expelled by Collatinus and Brutus, as a result of his arrog... Read more
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We can spend a long time marveling at how the great Empire of Rome could fall so far and from the fall breaking all hope of another Roman Empire. The Roman Empire is the most recent empire that had ... Read more
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In the year 330 Constantine founded a new imperial city in the east, which became known as Constantinople. Accompanying Diocletian's system of tetrarchy, the creation of this new city affirmed the sep... Read more
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There are many reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire, and all of them are related to one another. The Christian religion that was adopted by the Romans made them more passive people than before, ... Read more
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The Fall of the Roman Empire The Roman Empire was, on the whole, a peaceful and a well-organized empire. During the years of 27 B.C - 180 A.D the emperor was a very able and good ruler. It is hard t... Read more
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The Roman Empire fell because of many different reasons that all acted on each other. These reasons can be split up into four categories: political reasons, economic reasons, military reasons, and ch... Read more
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The Gracchi brothers were not responsible for the breakdown of the Roman republic, but rather the last hope for democracy for generations to come. The Roman republic existed from about 287 BC until ... Read more