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Justina Ireland

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Deathless Divide Overview

Justina Ireland's novel, Deathless Divide, is the sequel to Dread Nation. This installment begins just moments after the previous novel comes to an end. Jane McKeene and her best friend, Katherine Deveraux, are in Kansas facing hordes of shamblers. Shamblers are dead people who have come back to life as zombies. The zombies gather in hordes that pose a threat to human existence. When Jane is bitten by a shambler in Nicodemus, Kansas, Katherine reluctantly leaves her friend behind. However, Jane discovers she is immune, thanks to a vaccine given to her by a scientist willing to sacrifice anything – and anyone – to create a cure for this plague. Jane and Katherine eventually reunite, struggling through grief, lost dreams, and brutality to discover that their place in this ruthless world is side-by-side. The novel's main themes are the importance of hope, survival, and the role of science in this world.

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