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Kasie West

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By Your Side Overview

Autumn Collins has been keeping knowledge about her anxiety attacks from her friends because she does not want them to treat her differently. However, Dax Miller discovers her secret when he and Autumn are accidentally locked in the library together for a holiday weekend. With Dax's help, Autumn calms herself as much as possible about their situation. Both are surprised when no one comes looking for Autumn. Then, they discover while watching a news program that everyone believes Autumn has been in a wreck with Jeff, the boy she wants as her boyfriend. She is missing from the scene of the accident, but presumed dead. When Autumn has an extreme anxiety attack, Dax sets off the library's fire alarm to summon help. Once free from the library, Autumn visits Jeff in the hospital. During his recovery, she realizes that Jeff's presence keeps her on edge. However, being around Dax calms her. She decides to step out of her comfort zone by convincing Dax to start a relationship. Additionally, she reveals the truth about her anxiety to her friends. The novel's main themes are coping with anxiety, the effects of unhealthy relationships, chaos versus order, and negative aspects of the foster care system.