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Acid Rain Acid rain can be defined as rain that has a pH less than 5.6, formed primarily through the chemical transformation of sulfur and nitrogen compounds emitted by anthropogenic sources. In addit... Read more
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Acid Rain What Is Acid Rain? Acid rain is the common name for acidic deposits that fall to Earth from the atmosphere. The term was coined in 1872 by English chemist Robert Angus Smith to describe the ... Read more
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Acid Rain Acid rain is rain with a pH (a logarithmic measurement of acidity or alkalinity) of less than 5.7. Acid rain usually results from elevated levels of nitric and sulfuric acids in air pollutio... Read more
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Acid Rain Acid rain, or acidic precipitation, first attracted scientific attention in the mid 1950s in Scandinavia, with studies focused on acidity and surface waters. Concern in the United States, Eu... Read more
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Acid Rain Acid rain is the collective name given to any rain containing acidic impurities. These impurities are generally the product of industrial pollution. Normal, unpolluted rain has a pH of 5.6 d... Read more
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Acid Rain Acid rain occurs when polluting gasses become trapped in clouds that drift for hundreds, even thousands, of miles and are finally released as acidic precipitation. Trees, lakes, animals, and... Read more
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Acid Deposition The basic mechanisms of acid deposition. (Illustration by Wadsworth Inc. Reproduced by permission.) Acid precipitation from the atmosphere, whether in the form of dryfall (finel... Read more
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Acid Rain Acid rain is the term used in the popular press that is equivalent to acidic deposition as used in the scientific literature. Acid deposition results from the deposition of airborne acidic p... Read more
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Acid Rain "Acid rain" is a popular term that can include all forms of precipitation (as well as fog and cloudwater) that is more acidic than expected from natural causes. Measurement of ... Read more
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Acid Rain Acid rain is any form of atmospherically deposited acidic substance containing strong mineral acids of anthropogenic origin. It was reportedly first described in England by Robert Angus Smit... Read more
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WHEN SOMETHING IS perfect, people say that it is "right as rain." For instance, when someone is not feeling well, he or she might be told to go to bed early, to get plenty of sleep, and to expect to f... Read more